About the Journal

  1. Journal Title : Journal of Multidisciplinary Issues (JMIS)
  2. Initials : JMIS
  3. Frequency : May, August, November, and February
  4. Online ISSN : 2798-6454
  5. Editor in Chief : Dr. Elfindah Princes, S.Kom., M.Kom., MLSI, M.Pd., B.K.P
  6. DOI : 10.53748
  7. Publisher : APPS Publications

Journal of Multidisciplinary Issues (JMIS) is a Journal of focus and scope: a) Information Technology; b) Psychology; c) Environmental Science; d) Data Science; e) Language and Linguistics; f) Education; g) Data Sensor and Networking; h) Information System; i) Gamification; j) Health Science; JMIS is published quarterly (May, August, November, and February) by APPS Publications.

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